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Pacing and Spacing

Well my friends, I have no good excuse for missing last week’s post.  My apologies.  Let’s forget about it and move on, shall we?

Since my editing isn’t slated to begin on The Novel until March, I thought I’d tell you what I’m doing instead: starting a new story.

Yes, I know, it may seem counter intuitive.  Start a new novel, right in the midst of getting ready to do an edit of some three hundred plus pages?  Are you nuts?

But I would counter, one of the best times to do a first (emphasis on first) draft, is when you’re editing.  It won’t work for every writer, of course, and you might want to replace first draft with plotting out a new novel, filling out an outline, or doing some less “serious” writing (i.e. fanfiction). But I know it can work, having done something similar before.

Since my first drafts read like rough characterizations (a hangover from NaNoWriMo, no doubt) and outlines, working on them while doing some harder work at the same time keeps me going.  Writing is fun, but it is also a lot of work, especially when you get to the polishing part.  It’s easy to lose that sense of fun and creation while you’re scratching your head over syntax and diction.

Other perks: it keeps you writing daily so that you don’t lose that sense of rhythm you’ve worked up.  It gives you a break from the actual story itself and the characters and scenes you’ve seen (and written) over and over and over again.  It gives other people a chance to look over your work, give you feedback, and you time to turn it over in your head before you put red pen to paper once more.

Of course, this kind of spacing can lead to procrastination on editing.  I admit that’s part of the reason for me putting it off.  But since I have a plan of sorts, I’m not too worried about getting back into it.  Also, the dwarves have a way of being a good inspiration.

So fellow writers, pace and space yourselves.  But be careful.  Don’t let it linger too long lest you lose the fire for the original work you managed to complete in the first place.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to write like a madwoman before the storm comes.

May the Force be with you,


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