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Happiest Place on Earth

Yes, I’m dodging out of doing a big post again–you guessed it, traveling.

But something to ponder as I head out to sunny SoCal and to see Mickey–what is it about Disney?  What is it about a happy ending that captures our imagination, that makes us return again and again?  It doesn’t apply to all stories, but I find the most powerful ones, the ones that stick with me, are those that are at least hopeful, if not outright exuberant and uplifting.

Perhaps I’m alone and you prefer more sophisticated, nuanced, grey tales.  Dark, edgy, etc., etc.  I do too–not everything can be happy and shiny.

But sometimes, I just want that simple tale, the one that begins with “Once Upon a Time” and ends with “…and they lived happily ever after.”

Whatever you prefer, I hope all your days are happy this upcoming week.

May the Force be with you,


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