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The Vacay is over…

As you noticed, my last post hung around for a whopping two weeks.  Yep, it was deliberate, not a technological malfunction.  I know, I know, normally the tech gremlins are to fault, but this time I just couldn’t hang it on them.  It was all me.  The Prankster Duo escaped from their learning institution and embarked on a week-long pester fest some call “Spring Break”.  Since the knight in slightly muddy armor and I thought we might be pushed to send them out into the Swamp on a Snipe hunting trip (if you don’t know what that is, go ask your parents!), we thought it would be best to pack up and head over to Grandma’s which is over the hill and under dale up north.  North being where white stuff falls from the sky and sticks to the ground in gritty, gray patches.  Luckily, the white stuff was only on the ground and not in the air and where we were enjoying the beautiful sun drenched days of 80 degree weather, we weren’t disappointed with  the 20 degree temperature drop since the sun was out in all its shining glory.

I also decided that maybe, this year, I’d actually make those days off from the job-that-pays-the-bills actual days off.  Shocking, I know, but it’s been a whirlwind the first couple of months this year.  If I didn’t cut myself some slack soon, I might find myself all alone on my own Snipe hunt in the Swamp.

So no blog posts last week, I was MIA from Twitter and barely showed up on Facebook.  And boy howdy, did I realize just how much time all of that took up. The first few days at Grandma’s I had to field a few forest fires from the job-that-pays-the-bills, but it soon died off.  Once we made it back into the Valley of the Sun, and blazed our way home through the Swamp, I was able to conqueror Jack’s nasty beanstalks in my back yard, appease those pesky due collectors, catch-up on entering some fab-u writing contests, make my offering to the cover artist goddesses, and then found out I’m all set for a blog tour in April.  Yep, April which is what? Two weeks away? So after hyperventilating on how soon that was bearing down on me, I needed to make sure I made every minute of my “vacay” worth it.

Once back from Grandma’s I slept in and ignored the hellhound who really didn’t like having his breakfast delayed past dawn.  Tried to make in roads on the leaning tower of to-be-read-a’s books on my night stand while knight was off saving the galaxy from being overtaken by Sith Imperials, or when that got to be too boring, the Reapers who were wreaking a massive hellstorm on Earth.  We even managed to wrangle the Prankster Duo to the Renaissance Festival.  Oh yes, the land of giant turkey legs and over flowing…..bodices of ale!

So now that my vacay is over, it’s back to the keyboard.  Tomorrow Xander, Vidis and I have a meeting…however I’m not so sure how well that will go.  Then I’ll tackle the posts for the upcoming blog tour.  So stay tuned, I’ll have those dates and places up next week!

Until then…don’t get lost on your twisted paths!



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  1. vanillamom

     /  March 22, 2012

    Welcome back from Vacay…

    so hard when you open the door that first day back and there is Normal, waiting to greet you…

    Will look forward to the blog tour!


    • And Norm is such a difficult guy to sneak around on, ya know? *Sigh* oh well! Back to creating witty blog posts and cubbie hell! Have a great week!


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