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Greetings and salutations oh lofty blog readers,

I hope you’ve missed me, because I’m kind of sensitive and my feelings would really be hurt if you didn’t.  I’ve been in search of the Holy Grail.  Okay, that’s not true, I’ve been deluged with work.  A bad excuse for not keeping in touch, but as wicked would say, “It is the way of my people.”  So there you have it, I was out chasing the over rated american dream; money. The good news is I’m taking my life back and step one is to get back to writing.  This is as good a place as any to start that. Besides, I missed you demented harborer’s of ghastly dreams.

So let’s catch up.  My good friend and side kick Mischievous Raven has recovered from his abduction by the The Three Misfiteers.  He should be here, but he stopped to agitate C.Rock Adile.  A worthy endeavor I might add and one he is fully capable of carrying out.  My muse has been hiding out at the Swamp Shack probably collecting unemployment and boozing it up.  That’s about to change because him and I have work to do.  I’ll be heading over there shortly to ask him to put his tool belt on.

If you’re a regular follower you may have noticed the new look. Pretty nice, huh?  Thank you Wicked for the decor.  It’s very fang shui.  If you look closely at the shack on the right you can see my place, it’s under the tangle of roots below the big tree.  I know, what your thinking.  How did I get the best location in the swamp?  It’s all in who you know.

In other news we must bid a fond farewell to Jedi Dwarf , she was called away on urgent business for the Empire, we all wish her well and of course THE FORCE IS WITH HER.  Dreamer Dwarf has joined us and I want everyone to go say hi and welcome her to the Swamp.  She is a bit squeamish about the zombie infestation so keep that on the low down. They’ll grow on her in one of two ways eventually.   She’ll get used to them or they’ll eat her brains, either way they’ll grow on her.  The Evil 7 are planning their retreat to troll mountain again this summer, so I’m studying my riddles, one must be prepared incase one encounters a troll hunting party.

If your new to the Swamp and my blog in particular, all these names and references are loosing you.  Don’t go away.  Besides discussing the on goings around the swamp I also write about writing and what I’m reading.  If you stopped by for lofty literary discussion, you’ve probably gotten lost, but don’t panic.  I urge to hang around, Fridays  are my day and it’s mostly about having fun and letting my imagination run free.  I try not to let grammar or proper word usage get in the way here.  Without going back in time and reading my older blogs I will try to bring you up to speed by filling you in on who’s who as they cross our path. For instance C. Rock Adile is a pompous, crabby, egotistical, pain in the ass who recently moved back here after losing his position with the Kings Royal News Agency.  The details are very hush hush, but rumor has it that he was caught embezzling funds.  The only thing that kept his head attached is he has a lot of dirt on the Royal Family.  You’ll learn more about him later  if  the zombies don’t catch him first.

Hey Eerie, Wicked wants to see  you right away.  She’s waiting at The Slice Your Own Deli.”

Mischievous,slow down and say hi the our readers.

“Oh hey, good to see you.  I’m surprised you all came  back.  He’s such a slacker.”  Pointing his wing at Eerie.  “Okay, can we go now, she said it was important.  By the way, her muse is with her and you know how SHE is if you keep her waiting.  I think she hates me anyway so can we get a move on.”

Did she say what ‘s so urgent?

“Something about Snarky Dwarf losing her snark.”

That is serious.  I think I see a quest in our future.  Fly down to Swamp Shack and tell my muse to meet at the deli and tell him to bring the armored hummer.

“You got it.  I’ll see you there.  I know how you are about long goodbyes so wrap this up and get a move on.”

Just go, I’ll be right there.  Well folks you see I have an emergency to deal with so I ‘ll say goodbye here, as is my custom I’ll leave you with a quote this week it is from one of my favorite writers and a master of the short story Richard Matheson.

“What condemnation could possibly be more harsh than one’s own, when self-pretense is no longer possible?”
― Richard MathesonWhat Dreams May Come: A Novel

Write On,


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