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Just the Beginning for Dreamer Dwarf

It’s such a frustrating feeling, staring at your novel and wondering how to make it all work.  I look at the words like puzzle pieces, some missing, some just in the wrong place, and struggle not to throw my arms up in frustration.  Squeezing in these semi-quiet moments is difficult, but not using every precious moment to its fullest sometimes makes me so agitated that I often end up not writing anything at all… like today.

“Writers block again, hon?” Handsome Rouge asks, shifting restlessly behind me.

I turn to look at him and can’t help but smile.  He’s dressed and ready to head to Cubula where he and the other Logic Wizards design every structure imaginable.  I’ve only visited a time or two.  Between the Cave Dwarfs and the other Logic Wizards, I feel slightly out of place.  Time moves slowly there and things are always done the same.  Tan and grey are favorite colors, and the building, hidden deeply in the side of a mountain, appears large and small at the same time under the dim light of fluorescent bulbs.  It’s not the place for someone like me.  Someone who needs change almost as much as air.

“Do you have to go already?”

He looks at his watch.  “I’m already one minute behind schedule.”

I swallow down a laugh.  That one minute will bother him all day, and I appreciate his small sacrifice to come and say a proper goodbye.

“Did you already visit Angel Boy?”

My husband smiles proudly.  “Yes, he’s out in the garden chasing the tigers.  They look terrified at his half floating half crawling pursuit.”

This joke is one of our favorites.  Our four tigers could eat Angel Boy in one tiny bite, but they never would.  They’re loyal to a fault, even when our little one tugs at their tails.

“I better put this book away then and go watch him play.  Besides,” I sigh a little, “I’ve got so much still to do.  In less then a week, we’ll have all the kids in his Magic Circle over.”

“Just remember,” he says, pulling me out of my chair and hugging me tightly, “it’s suppose to be a celebration.  Our little one has joined a very elite group; he’s a Little Flyer now.”

I choke back the lump forming in my throat.  “I’ll try to remember.”  Like I could forget how quickly my son is growing up.

“Oh, and the crocodiles were out gossiping again… something about a Snarky Dwarf losing her snark.”

“Humm, was she the one who sent over the crocodiles?”

“Maybe.  And the house down the road is empty now.”

“The one with the Jedi?”

My husband nods.

“She seemed nice, but I guess a Jedi Knight’s job is never truly done.”

Handsome Rouge shifts a little and tries not to let me see him glancing at his watch.

I laugh.  “Okay, get out of here.  I wouldn’t want to make you too late.”

He kisses my cheek and runs towards the door.

“Oh,” he hesitates, turning back towards me as I let the words tumble out, “I was thinking of letting Lady watch Angel Boy while I visit the Swamp Shack…”

“That heap of junk bar?” he asks.  “Are you sure?  It looks like it attracts a bit of a… colorful crowd.”

I shrug.  “You know I can handle myself.”

He turns just a bit.  “I know.  Just be careful if you do go.”

“I will.”

**** A quick note: I’m new to the Swamp, so if you are too, follow along while a learn more about it.  I am hoping to create my own safe haven in this place, while still experiencing all the fun the Swamp has to offer.  I also plan to include more and more of my thoughts on writing and the writing process.  I have “finished” my novel multiple times, so I am constantly struggling through the revising and editing process.  I also frequently dip into my next novel in the series when I need to write something new.  This blog should be a lot of fun to write, and I hope it will be a lot of fun to read too.


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