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 So we hit this around 6pm last night. Of course, I was driving home. Not only did I try hard not to keep craning to look behind me (not because of the sun, but the zombie hordes were out in full force), I tried not to blind myself, LOL.

The only version we actually ended up seeing was #1 & #2 on the chart. We didn’t get to see a full eclipse. I think we just don’t get to see stuff like this in the swamp. It disrupts the evil aura’s or something. Hmm, next time I’ll have to talk to the witch coven up the mountain, see what they’ll charge me to let it through.

If you got to see more, tell me about it.

As for other changes, well, the kids are out of school this Thursday. Yup! It’s summer vacation already. Mud pies, zombie parts, decaying and moss-covered squishy things leaking from pockets and pillow cases.

I knew it was coming, considering we’ve been 105-108ish degrees for over a week. The swamp waters are a few feet lower than normal. I don’t know if hell fire is leaking through or what.

But really, I’m so not ready for 2 full months with the kids home all day. Not that I don’t love them, I do. And I enjoy having the time with them.

I’d kick them outside during the day like people who live in normal places do, but if they didn’t terrorize the zombies beyond repair, make boots out of C. Rock Adial, they might actually melt, it’s that hot.

So it will cut into my writing. I can admit that.

I also have my first University classes starting early June, extracurricular activities for the kids, and deadlines for books I need to get done.


Yup, things will be changing for the next few months.

Now I just have to figure out how to get everything done 😉

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  1. Ah yes, the joyous burning…helloooo there! Yep, it’s summer time and the quiet chirping of the flying monkeys will soon be drowned out by the screams of the tortured as our children cavort through the Swamp. You do have a good set of headphones, Snarky, right?

  2. The sooner summer vacation begins,the sooner it ends. Unless, of course, your kids go to school with Phineas and Ferb and then its a hundred and four days of summer vacation. As I tell the parents of my students, vacation is for teachers. We need to decompress every now and again, or we go insane. True story,

    Oh, how I look forward to my own lovely children being home with me all day, every day, just us, all day, every day. Did I already say that? Enjoy your time with the family and hopefully you can get some quality writing in.

  3. It’s the season for sautéed brains. Yeahh??? I see Snarky is recovering and I like it.


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