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Pain Sucks

Pain sucks.

Wait no, that’s not right. I need to amend that. Some pain sucks. Others are kinda bearable. Playfully getting slapped in the ass by your lover is an example, having your hand gnawed on gently by your cat because it’s weird enough not to care about string is another.

So I can’t universally say that all pain is bad.

What I can say I that some pain really, really sucks.

For example: I cut the side of my foot last week while practicing karate kicks. Stupidly, I decided to do them inside and then next to my plastic computer chair mat. Bad idea. Sliced my foot shallow but long, and the wound went all up alongside the part where any shoe presses against. Couldn’t put on a shoe without breaking out in a sweat with pain. Terrible time, even more so when I had to go to work the very next day. Great thing about work and laws and such though is that they have to compensate you, so I got to not wear my shoe around the office and was granted my own wheeled chair to slide around on.

Funny right? Well I guess the point of this post is twofold then. One: people experience pain, and, since this is a writing blog, characters are people too, who thus experience pain. Sometimes the pain is light and bearable, other times it’s searing and distracting. The pain may alter your normal day, encumber daily activities or a planned trip, or just turn out to be super annoying. Either way pain is pain, and it changes our moods, daily perceptions, and daily actions.

My second point is that pain always makes a fun story to tell. Yes, I had to hop around my workplace with only one shoe and cart myself around on a wheeled chair to get around, yes my coworkers laughed. But it was an experience, a memory, a point of change from the norm.

I know it’s a simple rule, but remember, those alterations from the norm are what make stories.

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  1. Does it make me a bad person if I laughed at this? 🙂

  2. Good point on how pain is an aside from the norm; I think that’s very important to remember.


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