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The Things We Do For Money

Taxidermist, Santa Clause impersonator, Waitress, Alligator Wrestler, Coat Check Professional, Pet Psychic, Supermarket Clerk, if you have read many author bios you have likely come across a list of former jobs that are both outrageous and mundane. As writers know, it is rare to be an instant bestseller and ride off into the sunset of financial freedom. We know that bills need to be paid, so we do what it takes. Of course there are benefits to the multiple job life, we get material.

I remember being sixteen working at a movie theatre making nacho plates. It was a very tedious task however it gave me an opportunity to think about my surroundings and come up with story ideas. I think that was the first time I recognized that stories are everywhere. Since then I have worked as a restaurant manager, legal secretary, gas station clerk, flight attendant, server, and in a call center helping people who were getting sued for credit card debt. Much of this work showed me the worst in people, but that’s fine. Life is not always sunshine and rainbows and my characters need conflict. Luckily along with the bad there is also the good, the crazy, the ‘oh no she didn’t,’ the ‘oh yes she did,’ the ‘did that really just happen,’ and of course the hysterical.

I think what it comes down to is that all of us ‘pre-published’ writers along with the published who have been through it as well have gained valuable insight into human nature and conflict. I think it would be difficult to understand if one never had a job outside of writing. Of course that being said I’m still waiting for the Powerball to make me an heiress. (Remote writer’s cabin in the woods anyone?) In the meantime I will continue to plow forward and look to my job as the inspiration it truly is.

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