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Greetings and salutations loyal readers of the blog,

I hope you all enjoyed the festivities at the Monastery of the Werewolf Monks last week.  If anyone knows how to celebrate a Blue Moon better than they do, I haven’t met them.  And how about the new wine they introduced, the new red had a muted coppery taste with a smooth finish and notes of entrails.  I didn’t think the white was up to par with their Oozing Puss label.  I had a good time and I hope none of my blog followers got caught in the ensuing hunt.  The Werewolf Monks can be a bit brutal during the full moon.  Still, no one parties like they do.

Your humble servant is packing for a lengthy trip outside the realm.  I’ll be gone for three weeks and already am feeling nervous about what might happen in my absence.  You may remember I had to bail my muse out of the slammer just last week.  Left to his own devices he’ll be on bender before my donkey gets clear of The Swamp.  G Anna Conda has returned from her on location shoot with National Geographic, so I asked her watch over my muse while I’m gone.  If anybody can keep him under wraps for three weeks it’s Anna.  I hope for his sake she’s had her big meal for the month or he may find himself  on the menu.

C. Rock Adile has taken to dominating open mic night on Thursdays at Slice Your Own Deli.  Rumor has it he reads from his memoirs all night. This in turn is driving away the Thursday night crowd, even the zombies are leaving.  You know it must be awful if the undead are shuffling away from the all you can eat brains buffet.

My friend and confidant, Mischievous Raven has been on the road taking orders for Blue Moon Zombie Inc, but he’s returning tonight so we can review some of the things he’ll be taking over while I’m gone.  I can’t wait to see him I’ve missed him these last few weeks.  He has an idea for taking the zombies up to Troll mountain.  According to Mischievous we would have the only Zombie Trolls.  Trolls are nasty enough without the added craving of raw, warm, flesh.  I’m not sure this is a good idea, but I’ll hear him out, mostly because you can’t shut him up.

In other news the Wharf Rats are packing up, it appears they had a successful convention this year and said they would mention it to their city dwelling friends.  I’m not sure The Swamp is ready for thousands of rats descending on it from the likes of New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia.

The leeches are still trying to sway public opinion as to their inherent goodness, but once again nobody cares.  Once a blood sucking leech always a blood sucking leech seems to be the public’s disposition on the matter.

Last week I think I promised we would talk about writing this week and we didn’t.  To be honest I have a case of vacationitis, so you’ll have to forgive me.  The next three weeks will be all about writing because I’ve recycled some of my old blogs.  So if you stop by for the stimulating literary conversation, quite frankly you made a wrong turn.  If, on the other hand, you come by so you can wriggle your toes in warm swamp mud and hear about my neighbors you’re in the right place.   I will leave you with an excerpt from a poem about writing, by the ubiquitous Charles Bukowski.

It’s from a poem titled  Neither Shakespeare nor Micky Spillane.

and you heard the angry cop curse in the 


as you were led away.

all you wanted was 2 and a half or five cents word.

son of a bitch, you ached so hard to be a writer

of any kind.

why didn’t they understand?

Write On,

Eerie Dwarf

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  1. Hope you’re having fun wrestling with the Komodo’s, Eerie, I hear the like dwarf size bites!

  2. Thanks, I’ll keep a safe distance between myself and the Komodos. See you all next month.


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