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The Power of No

It boggles my mind how two simple letters, and N and an O, can combine their cosmic forces to create one of the single most powerful words in the English language.


It’s often the first children learn to sputter, and it’s often the last word we think about when we fighting off the inevitable.

It’s also the first word we think of when everyone else is telling us to say ‘yes’ and just go along with it.

I bring this up because just last week I was met with an instance where I was expected to blindly say yes to something and ‘just go along with it.’ It was a trivial work matter, yes, but still it would have affected my day. So I stood there, listening to the question, recognizing that exact moment when I was expected to speak appropriately, and I lifted my head from my work and said, quite simply I might add, ‘no.’

My coworker reeled.

Dramatic pause… “What?”

“No.” I thought the idea was silly, so I took the issue up with my manager. I got shot down sure and I had to deal with it (it wasn’t a big deal anyway), but that’s not the point of this post.

There are SO many people in this world URGING you to say ‘yes.’ Yes, buy this product. Yes, you can afford this product no matter what your budget is or better reasoning tells you. Yes do what I say. Why? Because I said so, just go with it. Yes, yes, yes.

What I want everyone here to remember today is that no matter what people urge you to do, no matter how hard they ‘politely’ push, you always, and I mean ALWAYS have the ability to say no, no matter what the consequences, no matter what the situation.

It’s a powerful thing, it is, that others can make you feel like that option is lost to you. Don’t ever fall into that trap.


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  1. I’m glad you stood up for yourself, and it does seem like “no” is almost like a new swear word. People just expect others to say “yes,” even when they aren’t always fair in their expectation.

  2. It’s the small moments that matter most, so as I tell the Prankster Duo-it’s okay to say “no”.


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