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Mona’s Challenge Accepted, meet new writers…

Tis the season for chain blogs, similar creatures to those ancient fossils known as “letters” that arrived via the US Postal Service.  These letters would claim that if you sent something to the name at the top of  the list, added your name to the bottom of the list, you would, in a whopping 90 days, be inundated with recipes/poems/dollar bills.  Remember those? Uh-huh.  Yeah, so this is the blog form of that–but no moola, just the chance to discover some truly awesome new writers!

The lovely and talented writer of heart pounding romance, Mona Karel, tagged me in a blog challenge. The idea is to find the first instance of the word ‘look’ in your current WIP and post the surrounding paragraphs.  She has an excerpt from her new book, an awesome description piece.  My favorite part?  “Willow Springs was a city on the downhill slide.”  LOVED IT! 

Since we all know how “orbitally fixated” I can be, this shouldn’t be hard.  So let’s see where  “LOOK” pops up for me in Shadow’s Moon…

Xander tapped the earpiece nestled in her right ear.  “Ryuu, you copy?”

There was a brief crackle of static, then a growling, “Yeah, what’s up Xander?”

“Found a body in the Gardens. ” She turned the body over, the surrounding water making a soft sucking sound as it released its victim.  She pushed damp hair off the ghostly pale face.

“Tell me it’s not the ex-girlfriend.” Faint street noises leached around the demand.

“Nope, it’s a male.” She leaned down and inhaled.  The water diluted the coppery stench of blood, leaving behind the familiar odor of raw meat.  “Human.”

A low string of curses dance in her ear.  “Damn it! Wounds?”

She dug into the inside pocket of her jacket and pulled out a small pen light, playing it over the victim.  “Heavy bruising, no claw or teeth marks. LOOKs like Neal bashed the poor guy’s head in against the stones.”

“I guess we should be grateful for small miracles.”

On to the fun part, I get to tag a few victims of my own, so you have an opportunity to meet some exciting new writers!

Eric Henson

Empi Baryeh

Liv Rancourt

Christopher Allen Poe

Bev Irwin

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  1. livrancourt

     /  September 27, 2012

    “Look” is one of my top three most loved (most overused?) words. It’s right up there with ‘but’ & ‘that’. This is gonna be fun…
    Thanks Jami!

  2. A dirty white van pulled into the parking lot of Bradbury Family Market, even with the window down and the fall air blowing through, a bead of sweat ran down the drivers face.

    “I can’t keep doing this” said the driver “how much longer—how many more?” he asked, seemingly to himself.

    Watching as the white Toyota Avalon pulled into a parking place; the van drove two lanes and turned in. The four passengers exited the car as the van pulled into a spot. Tilting his broad brimmed hat down, the driver watched from cold shadowed eyes unnoticed.

    “It’s too soon, doesn’t that matter,” turning and LOOKing backwards into the empty cargo van, “I’m pushing my luck, I’m going to make a mistake. I can feel it.”

    “That’s between you and the dryad; I’m only along for the ride.” answered the unseen passenger.


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