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Staying Focused

Most of us do not have the luxury to stay home and write full-time as a career.  We have other responsibilities: school, kids, spouses or significant others, friends, family, chores, and even just life.  Writing can often fall to the side, to be treated as some forgotten hobby.  I think this is normal.  Sometimes we have more time, and other times less.

So how do we stay motivated?  For me, I try to remind myself that I’m not just writing for enjoyment, this isn’t just a hobby to me.  I am hoping to one day turn writing into a full-time career (as I know many of us are).  Therefore, I try to look at writing as less of a hobby and more as a job, I really, really love.

How do you stay motivated?  How do you stay focused?

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  1. My way of not becoming interrupted by demands of real life is to head out with my headphones and laptop to the nearest caffeine vendor, otherwise it’s too easy for those around you to believe what they must share with you right that minute is so very important to brave your wrath!


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