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Road Trippin’ to the Rockies…

I’ve managed to battle back the dreaded sinus infection and found the path back to the roller coaster ride of life.  I’ve even added in a daily dose of Yoga so I can be certain of getting some serious “me” time. The last few weeks have not been fun and my Muse seems to have thrown in the towel.  Funny thing, when you’re stuck and frustrated in one area of your life, the rest slowly start to follow suit.  I can’t have that. No sirree, it is not allowed.   So how does one go about booting your Muse in the ass?  You take a road trip.

With the help of my Knight in Slightly Muddy Armor we are taking the Prankster Duo off to the cooler climes of COLORADO!  Yes indeed, we are packing our bags, loading up the wagon and hightailin’ it out of the steamy confines of the Swamp.  The mini humans are ecstatic, the Knight is polishing his armor, and I’ve been told to leave the laptop at home.  The threats even escalated to bodily harm should I even slide one tiny longing glance at my laptop or sneak in a pen and piece of paper.  I have been firmly told to TAKE A BREAK.  Considering NaNo is around the corner, it may not be such a bad idea. 

If I’m really lucky, the high mountain air might enable me to take out my Muse, tie her up and convince her she wants to stick around next month and perhaps…work.  Then again, she may just laugh at me, but you never know.  I could bribe her…hmm…will have to think on that one.

Until then…next week, right here, we are going to spotlight a book. Yes we are, because we are taking part in Ciara Knight and Ninja Captain Alex’s “Did I Notice Your Book” Blogfest.  So check in next week to see who the lucky person is!

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