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It’s Time for the “G” Word!

It’s that time again, when blogs across the blogosphere tout the joys and agony of setting those “G” words.  Oh yes-GOALS.  The one thing my mom always told me about goal setting was to WRITE IT DOWN.  Something about putting it to paper makes it all too real.  Then when your faced with the evidence, there is no squeaking out of it.

Wait!  Don’t run and hide! I’m way too tired to chase you down!  I swear, no preaching from this choir.  Look, we’ll even review those pesky things I set for 2012.  I’m not sharing the non-writerly ones, oh heck no.  That would be way too depressing.  So focusing on my creativity goals for 2012, we had:

Finish SHADOW’S MOON by end of year.

Status Check:  DONE! Yes, indeed, we finished our first draft just before the holidays! Which means it got shipped off to the other Evil 7 for evisceration. Now I can remind the Prankster Duo and my Knight in Slightly Muddy Armor that, yes, they do have a wife and mom living with them–somewhere!

   Blog every week for both Jami Gray and 7 Evil Dwarves

                           Status Check:   We’re going to call this one good.  I think I may have missed a total of two weeks, but only because I was recovering from the TKO life had decided to lay on me.   DONE!

        Concentrate on getting out in the world of the internets

                           Status Check:  Okay, I am now the proud mama of a website, Facebook page, Facebook Author page, Twitter account, Goodreads account and author page, Amazon author page and I remember running around to various blogs through out the year, trying to come up with entertaining answers to questions or picking juicy tidbits from SHADOW’S EDGE and SHADOW’S SOUL to share.  Done!

Grow enough that writing career can replace job-that-pays-the bills

Status check:  Umm, yeah…still working on that one.  Seems to be a bit harder than anticipated.  Guess it will graduate to the 2013 list.

I’m thinking 3 out of 4, not so bad. 

Want to share how your list looks? Come on, we’d love to celebrate with you!

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