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I’m alive, I’m alive, I’m alive,

Greetings and Salutations,

Allow me to paraphrase the great James Brown, I’m back and I’m proud.  First let’s get all of  the excuses out of the way.  Of course I was on vacation through the beginning of October, then the let down at coming home and of course jet lag took its toll.  And that was October.  In November I participated in NANOWRIMO, I did not make the goal of 50,000 words, but I did write.  And that my friends is what it’s really all about.   Half-way through November my bipolar disorder’s misshapen form crawled from the ooze it lurks in and I sunk into a depression, that thanks to the Mrs. Eerie, my friends, and my docs I don’t have to experience very often these days.  The effects of that depression are slowly waning and I’m feeling much more my self today.  The strain of the holidays and life and frankly some laziness filled out the rest of December.  And now here I am.

The rest of the Evil Seven carried on in my absence and we’ve even had a prestigious visitor to the Swamp in the form of C.E. Murphy.  Thanks to the hard work of Wicked Dwarf and Red Dwarf.  I must mention here that Mischievous Raven is a big fan of Ms. Murphy and thinks that he somehow inspired her book Raven’s Call.  Be sure to check that out when you’re cashing in your gift cards at bookstores, virtual and real.

Mischievous will be stopping by later to say hi and he will bring you up to date on all the news around the Swamp.  Until then let’s talk about writing.  There was a time when I wrote with a word count goal in mind.  I stopped doing that at some point, telling myself quality over quantity should be my goal.  The problem with that is it allowed me to become undisciplined.  I learned this lesson only after I was coerced, pressured, compelled, threatened, intimidated, dragooned, and railroaded into participating in NANO this year by the Evil Seven (it was mostly Snarky and her glossy Whip).  A writer writes, it is what we do.  If we are making excuses NOT to write then we are (let’s all say it together) NOT writers.  A published author once told me that you can’t fix a blank page.  And yet I allowed myself to drift into the realm of writing so little, I had mostly blank pages.  This year I have several objectives in mind, but the top of the list is to write with a goal.  Not an abstract suggestion, but a real number.  It may come in the form of hours or words I’m not sure yet, but it’s going to be quantitative.  And I’m giving the Evil Seven (I may regret this later) permission to hold me accountable.  Yes, that includes Snarky, and her whip too.

Hey Mischievous good to see say hi to our visitors.

“Greetings everyone.  It’s good to see you all.  Eerie, if I were you I’d wrap this up and get out of here Swamp Thing is looking for you and sheOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA does not look happy.”

How can you tell, she never looks happy.

“Trust me on this you do not want to be here when she arrives unless you have a carload of raw meat you can distract her with.  I’m outta here.”

Well it looks like I’ve got to be going.  Thanks for stopping by.  I’ll be back next Friday and we can talk about the Mayan Calender debacle and the new year.

Until then, as is our custom on Friday, I’ll leave you with a quotation.

“Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you land among the stars”  Les Brown

Write On,


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