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The book that isn’t a book

My little brother is creative. He’s also a button-pushing, loud whistling, obnoxious little shit whom I often dream of breaking his nose. Annoying brotherly love aside, he gave me the most and creative present this year: a book safe.

Now I know it sounds strange, ‘who would keep their books in a safe?’ But that’s the thing, I’m not keeping my books in a safe, the book itself is a safe. Printed on the front is an author in big white letters, and everything above and below is what you’d see on any bookshelf. The spine is the same way along with the back. When put into a bookshelf, it’s completely camouflaged among the thickets of my other books. But when you open the front cover, bam, there’s a safe with a keyhole and everything.

Ingenious, thoughtful, and creative.

He’s still a little devil though.

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