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Greetings and Salutations loyal readers of the blog,

How about that Kevin Hearn.  I even the zombie horde stopped shambling around to give him quiet.  Of course it helped that C.Rock Adile has entered the Swamp Thing protection program, because everyone knows how obnoxious he can be.

Let’s get back to Kevin shall we?  What a classy guy. Taking time out to visit us and plug another up and coming author. I can’t wait to see Jason Hough on the shelves.  This may sound a little fanboyish, but I too have the figure of Ganesha in my writing cave.  I mean how cool is that.  I learned about Ganesha on my recent trip to Indonesia.

In other news around the kingdom I heard the trolls are getting restless up on their mountain retreat.  I’ve called in the muses to go and check it out.  They should have some news by next week.  There’s Mischievous Raven.

“Hey Mischievous, come over and say hi to your fans.”  Mischievous turns his head and leaps into the air.  One lonely ebony feather sashays to the ground at my feet.

He’s still not talking to me because Kevin Hearn was here and I didn’t get his Iron Druid collection signed.  Sometimes he can be so self-centered.  So where was I, oh yes talking about me I believe.

Oh yeah, the news.  A big shout out to Dreamer Dwarf who is feeling a little under the weather, we hope she gets well soon.  It seems the Hellhound, Jojo and Jasmine have a little Menage a Trios going.  What a lucky Hellhound.  I have word that the Werewolf Monks are getting ready to un-vail a new wine, it should be ready for the first full moon of the new year.  Everyone’s very excited to try it.  As you know they maintain a very high standard for all the monastery wines.  My fav is still Exsanguinate the Holidays.  It’s a full-bodied dry red with a coppery finish.  I see Snarky’s  whip gleaming in the distance so I’d better wrap this up and as always I’ve got a wrap it quote.

“Focus on character and let your plots flow from them.” Kevin Hearn

Write On,



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