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500 word story

My good writing friend Eerie (Dave) presented to me a challenge. He didn’t know he presented me a challenge at the time, but I took it as a challenge all the same when he presented his own recent work as such. Write a story in less than five hundred words. Go one over and you fail.

            You have no idea how difficult that is, dear reader.

            From start to finish every single word must serve a purpose. There is no room for fluff or fat, and every paragraph, nay, every sentence must propel the story ever forward.

            Funny how that’s what you’re supposed to do in every story, no matter how long.

            So I challenge you now, if you’re one to be challenged, test your writing skills by setting a scene, develop some characters, and both develop and resolve conflict, all in five hundred words. That’s usually two double-spaced pages, times new roman, 12pt font. Good luck.

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  1. Send me what you got I’d like to read it.

  2. Umm yeah, no because my 500 words generally turn into another damn book…but I know you can do it!


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