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Sneak Peek Sunday #SPeekSunday @JamiGrayAuthor

Sneak Peek Sunday Banner

So my wonderful bud, Mona Karel, turned me on to the following cool blog…Sneak Peak Sunday. Now, I’m going to invite all of you writers out there that swing over to visit, published or not, to join in and share six paragraphs from your current work in progress (WIP).  I want to see what you all are working on.

I’ll go first, this from my current WIP which is a whole new series not related to Raine and her buds…

A shadow wavered across the glass block window.  I froze, dropping my gaze to the doorknob.  Unlocked.


The knob turned and it was a question of seconds before the door began to open.  Slamming my mental walls back in place sent a ferocious ache behind my eyes, but I needed to know what was live and what wasn’t.  The door began to creep open.

Carefully, hoping my shadow wouldn’t been seen in the glass column and give my movements away to whoever was outside, I shifted over until I was hidden behind the door itself.  My view was blocked by the door which continued to open.  Which meant whoever was coming in wouldn’t be able to see me either.

There was only one chance.  Not stopping to think, I rushed the door, using the knob and my shoulder to slam it forward. A muffled grunt confirmed the presence of a real, live body.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t prepared for the freaking battering ram that sent me stumbling back.

Stuck between the door and the wall was not an ideal choice.  Twisting, I stumbled into the hall, putting distance between me and whoever was coming through my door.  There were two options—the open living room or the bedrooms.  Remembering my staff propped by Kelsey’s door made my decision easy. I turned to run.

Come play and share your little jewels and spread the word!

Don’t forget, next week our Swamp visitor is the one and only Lynn Rush. Shuffle those appointments around and join us!


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  1. nice work if you can get it, being a human battering ram i mean.

  2. Always a pleasure to read your writing! ^_^


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