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Secondary Meat Puppets

It has been awhile, but Mighty is back and ready for action (or at least to write a blog post). So as some of you may know Urban Fantasy is my poison of choice. Who wants Belladonna and Arsenic when you can have magic and goblins? Not this chick, we can save our discussions of perfect murder scenarios in the mundane world for another day. So, what is it that butters my bread in Urban Fantasy? Well there are too many things to count, but among the highest ranked is the romance.

I know, I know, typical chick response, but it’s also the lack of romance that gets me. Huh? Let me explain. Now in your typical romance there can be an amazing story with various elements but the relationship usually goes something like this: wham, bam, thank you ma’am. Nothing wrong with this, I enjoy a whammy as much as the next person but it may not keep my interest as long.

With Urban Fantasy typically you’re introduced to the ultimate love interest early on but it is played out over more than one book. So I have to continue to read through all of the badassery to get to the goods. I like this, I like it when my books play hard to get. Now because of this longer courtship we will often see an alternative romance. This is where I’m torn.

The “second male alternative” can be a very worthwhile plot element if done right. Sadly, it can also be bad, real bad. For me it goes bad when it moves the story forward but is the main force pushing the plot forward. Don’t get me wrong when my hero and heroine are going to take seven books to figure their ish out I expect them to date other people, I just don’t like the pity date. You guys know what I’m talking about. It’s the “I am handsome, intelligent, loving and giving and I worship the ground you walk on. Yes, I know there is no hope that you will ever love me back the way I love you but that’s fine. Let me be your love slave.”

Does this seem realistic to anyone? Also it’s freaking awkward, I feel bad for the dude and it’s a fictional character. Also these “seconds” are always highly desirable and could easily find someone else but seem to lack the self-respect needed to realize this. Okay… but the problem is these men are rarely written as the type of guy who would lack confidence, enough to pursue someone who wasn’t interested.  So what I’m getting at is this, the heroine can have genuine feelings for someone other than “the one” so let’s stop creating these insecure meat puppets. I’m not saying the heroine needs to light up like an inferno for the “secondary male” but the entire “when he kisses me my loins turn to ice despite his obvious attractiveness” is a bit extreme. There can be a recognition of his place as Mr. Right Now while still acknowledging that he’s more than a cyborg. 

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  1. Meat puppets? what a lovely term. And to think I thought trophy wife was derogatory. :~)


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