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The Process

Sometimes I like to pretend my favorite authors are like superheroes, you know, somehow not quite human.  I go between wanting to know everything about them, and not wanting to know anything about them.  I sometimes even hesitate to look at their bio at the back of the book, worrying that knowing something about them might take away from their story.  It is an absolutely silly thing to think, I know it is, and yet, I feel like my favorite authors can only fall off the careful pedestal I’ve created for them.

This being said, I recently decided to research one of my beloved authors.  I was surprised to find how snarky she could be in her question and answer page, but I was also relieved to find that she seemed honest about herself and her experiences.  And most of all, I was shocked to find out that she only works with a rough outline for her books.  I thought with all the intricate details, she must map her books out entirely before writing them.  It seems though, she actually hates going into too much detail with her book outines in the beginning, because then she feels like she has already written her book.  She actually just spends a great deal of time editing and revising, I gathered.

This might not seem like a very significant bit of information, but it was a huge relief to me.  I write in a very similar style.  I create a character, and outline, and world information.  Then, I start writing.  Things often change as the story develops, but all of this actually leads to a need for a lot of editing and revising.  It is daunting to finish a book and still have so much work to do, but it eases my mind a great deal to know that a writer I admire so much also has such a daunting task, and creates such spectacular books through this process.

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  1. Personally, I don’t even outline. I write and discover where I’m being taken. The other day I started typing and fictional Ryan was on the bench in the school hallway. I wondered why. His friends went over to ask. They couldn’t figure it out. Along came the principal and checked out his eyes. Off he went to the office, and now the friends have to figure out where the drugs came from. Personally, I would never have given Ryan drugs, I have no idea where that came from… That makes writing as fun as reading. I thought I was weird, until I discovered my favourite author Diana Gabaldon writes just the same way I do. She also doesn’t outline. She writes little scenes from here and there, then she weaves together as they fall into place. It’s empowering when the people you admire legitimize your practice, isn’t it? (I wonder if we are drawn to authors whose styles are similar to our own somehow? Perhaps something of the result reflects the process, and we respond subconsciously to that? Hmm). Good luck with your writing!


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