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Experience in Writing

Do you think a writer needs to have lived a lot of life to be a good writer?  I’ve been fortunate enough to spend a great deal of time with writers who have lived a lot of life, and those who are just starting out in their lives.  I can immediately see how their life experiences have impacted their writing topics and styles, but I can’t say for sure that the creations of one is better than the other.

This concept also gives me a lot of hope.  With so many new experiences lately, I really want to believe that my experiences won’t just help me to become a more well-rounded person, but also a better writer.  I don’t want to feel that life gets in the way of my writing, as much as I want to feel that life helps to make me into a better writer.

If I’m always writing, I certainly can’t be living my life.  There definitely needs to be enough time to go out and have new experiences, meet new people, and build relationships.  Otherwise, I think I’d just be living through my characters, which could make for more interesting characters, but wouldn’t make me a very happy person.

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