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Returning to our regular programming…

So I made it back, dragging 29 pages behind me. Mentally exhausted, pleasantly over stuffed on great food and endless pots of coffee, it’s taking a few day to drop down from my caffeine high.

The Prankster Duo and The Knight managed to survive, the shack was still standing, albeit a little lopsided, but upright. The backyard, aka the jungle of horrors, looks like it got into a fight with a machete wielding barber, but at least you don’t have to send up signal flares to find your way back. And I had nothing to do with it! Nope, the title of Conqueror goes to the Knight.  *folds hands under chin and sighs*

We managed to lure out the Muses with promises of uninterrupted “them” time and then proceeded to hold on tight as they dragged us through our paces. Mighty Dwarf caught a late night broom into town and joined the fun.  Even our newest member, Ninja Dwarf, snuck in. One minute not there, the next-POOF-she’s right behind you! You have to be careful not to trip over her though, small and quiet isn’t always the best combo!

Snarky whipped out a couple of outlines, Eerie figured out a few new ways to enjoy the delicacy of brains, Smokey got dragged out of a cavern and into a new dragon infested world, and Quirky, although he wouldn’t share, was stuffing pages into his bags at the end of trip.  So I think we can consider this a productive retreat.

At one time the Muses decided we could indulge in a short reprieve, so we quickly made our escape to swing by a lovely little place in Winslow to enjoy the visual offerings of Tina Mion. So before I sign off for this week, I’ll share with you one of my favorite photos.  You want the story to it? Check out Tina’s site or if you’re in the area, swing over to La Posada Hotel in Winslow and see it for yourself!

Until next week…


Photo taken on the sly at the exhibit…


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