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#SizzlingHop Excerpt from #SHADOW’SSOUL from @JamiGrayAuthor #Giveaway #ParaRom


Welcome to the first annual SIZZLING SUMMER BLOG HOP! Check out the great authors taking part and look for the announcement of our grand prize winner by Krystal Shannan at the end of our hop! 

For now, enjoy this sizzling excerpt from Shadow’s Soul, the second book in my Kyn Kronicles.

SHADOW’S SOUL, 2012 Shooting Star Paranormal Romance winner,  by Jami Gray…


Unable to stop she reached out to gently touch his clenched jaw. Just under the anger in his voice was the one emotion she thought she’d never hear from him, fear. “You have to be one of the most disciplined men I know, Gavin.”

“It may not be enough this time.” His voice was quiet, eerily empty.

She narrowed her eyes. “Bullshit.” The word was a whip. “I don’t believe that. It’s magic, no matter how it was created. You are Kyn. Not only are you Kyn, but you are a Wraith. You have fought worse things and walked away.”

“Yeah but those monsters didn’t live inside me.”

Her short laugh was sharp. “Think about it. As Wraiths we’re the bogeymen to all bad little Kyn. You think that monster came from Lawson’s little drug cocktail?” She leaned forward. “I hate to break it to you, but it was already there. It’s why you’re a Wraith. Don’t you understand? We were picked to be Wraiths because to hunt the monsters, you don’t send out hunters, you send out other monsters.”

The bitterness in her own words rang through the car’s interior. She defiantly held his narrow-eyed stare and folded her arms defensively across her chest as the windows around them began to fog over. Obviously Rio’s little digs about judges and jury had gotten under her skin more than she realized.

“I’m not a teenager,” he said, watching her. “I’m older and have a hell of a lot of practice with shields. You spent months at the mercy of twisted men. I spent a few hours. It was enough to do damage, but I’ve spent the last three months trying to come to terms with what’s been unlocked.

“Some days are easier than others. For the first couple of weeks, it was all I could do to keep sane. If it wasn’t for you and Cassandra, I’m not sure I would have been back.”

She looked away. “I didn’t do anything,” she muttered, fighting back the shame. She had wanted to see him, but her guilt at putting him in Lawson’s line of fire had held her back.

He grabbed her chin. “You survived, and I couldn’t do anything less.”

The intensity of his look had her tongue nervously wetting her lips. His thumb rasped against her lower lip, following the moist trail. The simple caress made her breath catch, and when his head lowered, she met him halfway.

The minute his lips touched hers, heat engulfed her. The whispers of doubt fled under the fire, and she gave in to the inevitable. He made her want things she hadn’t thought she’d ever get. And he made her believe.

His groan as her tongue teased his turned her blood to molten lava. Their rising passion drew her in and sucked her under. Tunneling her fingers through his hair, she reveled in the feel of the silky strands, using them to hold him close so she could plunder the heated depths of his mouth. The seatbelt was a minor inconvenience, holding her back from crawling closer.

His hands were busy as his talented mouth. They stroked over her neck and caressed downward until he could fill his palms with her breasts. Her shirt was a flimsy barrier to his sensual assault. Ripping his mouth away, he flicked his tongue to trace the cord in her throat. Her head fell back, giving him better access. He gently nipped her skin where neck and shoulder met, his stinging bite lost in her rising passion. Those clever fingers forged a fiery trail that left her breasts feeling full and heavy, causing a small whimper of need to escape her. Constrained by the seatbelt, she could do nothing but surrender to his touch.

With a wicked chuckle, he bent down and drew one tight nipple into his mouth, shirt and all. She was lost as her body rocked under his touch. His tongue curled over her, tugging her deeper into his mouth, as his hand plucked and teased her other breast. The feel of being restrained as he teased her was almost more than she could take.

The blast of a car horn shattered her haze of passion. “Gavin,” she breathed, her voice hoarse with need, as awareness of where they were flooded back.

Let me know if you enjoyed this small peek into the intriguing relationship of  Raine McCord and Gavin Durand. Leave your comment for a chance to win a $5 Amazon gift card! I’ll announce the winner on July 8th!

For more sizzling reads, check out other stunning authors at:

The Romance Troupe!

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