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Alarm Clocks Have Never Been So Fun

I have a confession: I have writer ADD. I start to write and I go oooh ooooh there are new dresses on Modcloth or there’s a new Longmire! Sorry guys there’s something about a tough as nails sheriff who never loses his hat, that gets me. Sadly (and happily) my typewriter (laptop) allows me access to all of these wonderful shiny things. It’s easy to get distracted, in fact it’s nearly impossible not to. On a brighter not I think I have found a cure.

Amber aka Snarky had emailed the swamp to tell us about a sprinting method. I will admit I don’t remember the exact name of the method so if you know it, feel free to comment. The gist of it is simple: set an egg timer and write for twenty five minutes straight. Take a five minute break even if you’re in the middle of the scene, come back and do twenty five more. Repeat as necessary. I will admit I do not follow the exact directions.

The only egg timer I have is built into a knife block in the kitchen and my roommates would start to worry if I was constantly carrying a set of knifes into my bedroom. I use an online alarm clock instead that makes a noise that sounds like either aliens are attacking a military compound or that the hounds are about to be released. I hope it’s the hounds, I love puppies.

I digress, the other thing I do differently is I leave for a lot longer than five minutes. I putter about making chili, reading a novel, working out or taking a nap. The miraculous thing is that I keep coming back for another twenty five minutes and that’s likely due to the huge word counts I have been able to accomplish. Let’s just say that I have been kicking ass and taking names (for my series bible).

The beauty of it is that I think we all have the mentality that we can endure for certain amounts of time. I know I can sit my ass down and be productive for twenty five minutes straight. I can resist the lure of the internet during that time because I know in a bit I can go check out what is happening on Twitter.  The other plus is that even though I’m trying to be a reformed panster (look ma! I outlined!) I still feel like I’m pansting when I let go for twenty five minutes. So far I don’t see a downside.  Maybe I will when edits begin, but now everything in rainbows and kittens. 

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  1. As you know Bob, I’m enjoying the cooler climate back in Happy Jack. I’m going on the regime today.


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