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Running down a Dark Alley

For some reason my characters always seem to run down dark alleys.  How do they get there?  I’m not really sure.  But time and again, there they are, running down dark alleys.  Maybe this doesn’t seem very interesting to you, but I’ve started writing in different genres recently, which has led me to wonder if my writing style will stay the same regardless of the genre.

This leads me to my main question: should an author’s style remain the same regardless of what genre they write in, or should their style actually change in every genre?  I know the voice should change because each new character has a new voice, but as I’m coming into my own unique style, I’m starting to notice unique things that seem to consistently pop up in my writing.  Like Dark Alleys.

So, is that okay?  If most of my characters end up in dark alleys, is that just one of the funny things I’ll do as a writer?  Or, does it mean I need to come up with some new settings?  Either way, it makes me laugh a little just thinking about how much I’m over thinking something so seemingly pointless.

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  1. One thing that used to always pop up in my writing were references to deer. If my characters weren’t eating it then they were hunting it, had it scrawled across their heraldry, were admiring the deer sculls in the local tavern, losing themselves in their lovers ‘doe eyes’, grappling like a pair of male stags etc etc I didn’t even realise I was doing it until someone pointed it out to me! Weird how writers can develop these obsessive little signatures in their work without meaning to 😛

  2. LOL. Caves/caverns and dungeons/basements for me. The scene I’m writing right now is… yup, back in a dungeon basement. *snort* I’ve tried switching it up, but there are only so many useful places to put your own personal torture chamber 😉

  3. EYES…yes, the EYES have it. Actually, I think each author tends to have certain “telling” phrases/actions/tics in their writing, but that’s just part of your written voice. I’m with you though, sometimes I find I use the same thing in each story. That’s generally when I try to mix it up a little and go with something new…maybe a lighted alley? Filled with spotlights?

  4. I believe we fall back into what’s comfortable, and too often convenient. This happens to me when I’m in the throws of a first draft. I’m still figuring out what the book is about, there’s no time to polish those mundane or repetitive descriptions. On my first read through I catch things like the color of the sky always being “gun metal grey”, for instance. I correct those things while searching for stronger verbs to crush those passive sentences.

  5. Lisa Morrow

     /  September 4, 2013
  6. Thanks for the comments. I am soooo glad I’m not the only one who does this. Lately, I feel like my creativity is flowing, but it comes to a standstill when I start to write. Oh, the mind of a writer!


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