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Greetings and Salutations,

I am back from my hiatus. I missed you all. I hope the feeling is mutual. If you didn’t miss me, lie to me. I’m sensitive after all.

The Swamp looks pretty much the same with the exception of the new interview facility constructed to accommodate Wicked’s endless cavalcade of authors who have taken time from their busy schedule to let the warm muck ooze between their toes. A visit to the swamp is a real stress reliever until the questions start. Wicked’s inexhaustible catalogue of questions is enough to raise the zombies hypertension. And that my friends isn’t easy since, they are already dead.

Many thanks to Elle Kennedy for stopping by this week. She seemed a little squeamish about strange creatures. I wonder what she made of the shambling horde of zombies we maintain to keep the trolls fat and happy? As if a troll is ever happy.

Let’s get started. Writing, is something almost everyone does. We write lists, memos, letters, cards, emails, blogs, reports, journals, notes and things I haven’t thought of. So, when you declare to a friend that you’re a writer, you get this quizzical look. So, who isn’t?

Story tellers is a better description of what writers do. We tell stories in the hope of entertaining someone. Of course we write these stories down, which is where the confusion comes in, but we do much more than write.

Writers create characters, who readers will love or hate, luke-warm is the death knell for a character. Writers create worlds where these characters must endear themselves to the reader. Worlds of endless sidetracks and total derailments to keep the character fighting for, honor, glory, God and country, or the girl.

In my humble opinion, character driven stories are the most compelling. No matter how rich and diverse your world, what turns the pages for me when I’m reading, is the characters that populate that world.

In the coming weeks we’ll discuss what makes a character likable or unlikable. What is it that compels you to read long after your logical brain tells you to put the book down, because you have to get up early. What gives your characters a distinctive voice or do they all sound the same? Are they conflicted? Do they even know what they want? Do they want what the reader wants for them? Are they motivated or just doing what’s expected?

What do you think? Are characters important to you when you read? Or do you prefer a verbal description of a landscape or a bowl of wax fruit when you pick up a book?

I’ll leave you with this little gem from Elmore Leonard. “Psychopaths… people who know the differences between right and wrong, but don’t give a shit. That’s what most of my characters are like.”

Write On,

Eerie Dwarf

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  1. Show me a story without characters and I’ll show you…um…nothing…I got nothing, just like a story without characters. I like mine sprinkled with flaws, spiced with sarcastic humor and dipped in edgy weapons, personally.

    • We’re not suggesting there are no characters, but that in order for me to care they must interesting characters, characters who get your attention regardless of the world the author imagines for them.

  2. Yeah…what she said 😉


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