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Live in the Moment

Every phase in my life thus far has been both difficult and wonderful.  And, it seems, the older I get the more difficult and more wonderful each phase of my life is.  This recent revelation has made me think a lot about the challenges I create for my characters and about how important it is for me as a writer to really embrace many of these challenges.

Because I haven’t fought a giant scorpion or other such creature, I sometimes struggle with really bringing home the many things that my characters must be thinking and feeling in such a situation.  Sometimes I read things over two or three times before I realize that I haven’t really fully allowed my character to live in that moment by speeding too quickly through it.  This might be how life often is, but I don’t want that to be completely reflected in my writing.  Yes, I want my writing to be realistic, but if I don’t allow my characters to fully experience their challenges, then my readers won’t fully embrace their challenges either.

Therefore, I have decided to remember how important it is to live in the moment both in my world and in my writing.  Allowing myself to fully feel sad or happy will make life feel less like a massive blur, and allowing my characters the same privilege will deepen my characters even more and truly make them feel like real people.  Now that doesn’t mean my character will be weeping over someone drinking the last of their coffee, but it does mean my scenes should pack an even more powerful punch.

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  1. Nice job Lisa. Characters should be In the moment. Caution, don’t let them get them get stuck there


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