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Stop Apologizing

One of my characters is angry and hateful.  My fellow writers loved this character.  As the story progressed, the other writers started to have more and more trouble connecting with this character.  No one could put their finger on what was wrong at first, until someone finally figured it out.  My character was starting to continually “apologize” for all her negative traits.  It made her suddenly less interesting and less real.

I find myself constantly apologizing for the things I don’t like about myself, but this doesn’t mean that every character I have needs to be the same way.  If anything, it means the exact opposite.  Sometimes people, just like characters, simply need to accept their flaws and move on with their lives (or with the story).  Not doing so often holds people back from fully living their lives.  I also think it holds characters back.  It makes them seem like they are trying to be perfect.  And as much as people might thing otherwise, most people love characters, and people, for their imperfections more than anything else.

Therefore, I have decided to try to embrace my own flaws and allow my characters to embrace theirs as well.  Reading a book with a constantly apologetic character could get really annoying, really fast.  And if there is one thing I don’t want to do, it is to annoy my readers.

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