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Leaving Details Out

Lately, I’ve been practicing a new skill: leaving details out. One of my fellow evil dwarves is a “less is more,” kind of person. I’m more of an “add more details,” kind of person; however, I’ve learned that both philosophies can work together to make something amazing.

In the very little time I’ve had to read lately, I’ve been devouring one of my favorite writer’s books. As much as I try not to, the writer in me is sometimes louder than the reader. Quite often as I am reading, I stop and analyze her writing style. Much to my surprise, I realized that she really only gives a few powerful details about her characters and leaves the rest to her readers’ imaginations. It never occurred to me, because I filled those detail in. Realizing this made me take a step back and accept that my readers can do the same thing.

So instead of writing lots of details, I am trying to focus on writing powerful details. A reader isn’t going to benefit as much from knowing my character has blue eyes, long, blonde hair, and is tall, lean, intelligent, and pretty, as much as they will benefit from knowing my character has the look of an exotic blonde goddess with a smile that never quite reaches her eyes.

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  1. That’s what I’m talking about. That last line told me everything I need to know to form an image of your character. I smell a convert coming to the less camp.


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