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This is a post that I meant to write weeks ago. Sadly I got caught up at work and then had the plague for two weeks. Okay, it probably wasn’t the plague considering I am still alive but as I didn’t go to the doctor we can’t know for sure. Anywho, a few weeks ago I had some of my closest friends visit me from Arizona. These people understand my schedule and went about their sightseeing during the day and I would meet up with them during the night for plays, dinner, and general debauchery.

Given that I am nocturnal they probably realized had I accompanied them for general sightseeing in the morning I would have been a real Debbie Downer. Luckily, they understood this. It was during this trip that I realized the importance of a good sidekick. Okay, I realized this before, but the trip helped me to really define what I think is important in a sidekick.

I am on the third rewrite of my work in process. The first draft needed a setting change, some major revisions on my male lead, and had a sidekick that was too involved. The second rewrite was lacking secondary characters and thus had no momentum, I kept getting stuck with the ol’ “uh, what next?”

The current draft that I am working on isn’t all rainbows and ponies but it is much easier than the previous two. The first reason is because I am plotting more but the second reason is because I have found my perfect amount of secondary character action. A good sidekick is present for what is necessary to make the relationship realistic but does not drown out the story arc with their needs. They don’t need to be a part of every scene as long as they serve a purpose in the scenes they are in and let your lead characters evolve.

My friends had more fun with night owl Camille and would have hated morning Camille because she whines…a lot. Still I played a major part in their Chicago trip story because when I needed to be there, and when they wanted me to be there, I was. Friends are a great way to bring out the best and worst in your characters, if you use them well they really help a reader see what is endearing and what is flawed in a character. I would say that my flaw from this blog post was referring to myself in third person. I’m introspective like that.

Sorry Snarky, I’m impeding on your day, but you love me so you’ll forgive my late post. 

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  1. Somethings are true for both real life as well as novels. 😉

  2. Glad to see the plague couldn’t keep you down for long. Sidekicks, like medicine work best when taken in the proper doses. Don’t worry about stepping on Snarky’s toes she’s not around very often, I doubt she’ll notice.

  3. Watch out Dave, Snarky may bring her whip to the next meeting. Speaking of sidekicks I can’t wait to see you all in a couple of weeks. Get ready I’m bringing my sass back to the Swamp.

  4. Sidekicks are oh so necessary, come on…Batman with out Robin? Eerie with out Mischievous? The world would be so less exciting and fun if we didn’t have stunning insights into character situations from sarcastic/witty/insightful counterparts.


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