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Crazy=Nano? Not For This Nut Job

Eerie mentioned it before me, it appears to be that time of year that all of our writing friends go off the deep end and commit to the horror/wonder that is Nano. I chose not to participate this year even though I am planning on getting a large word count in November. You may be thinking “why not join Nano when it aligns with your goals?”

I’ll tell you why: I’m neurotic. There are certain things that drive me nuts. Having to write exactly such and such words a day without a day off for thirty day straight makes me want to write about as much an article on the best cupcakes in the world makes me want to diet. I don’t like being held accountable to someone else’s lofty goals. I have seen people go far beyond the 50,000 that most people commit to. Hell, even Snarky texts me giant word counts, often. That is a lot of pressure.

I have admitted on this blog regularly that I will often have a few weeks of productivity followed by periods of zilch. That’s fine. I always want to be better, but having a group of computer friends seeing my word count of lack thereof makes me ostrich. Ostrich is where I bury my head in the sand and ignore it all together. Though it really isn’t different than my texting Wicked and Snarky word counts, there is a certain accountability in those texts but there is also a lot of flexibility and a lack of judgment.

I honestly believe I will have a more successful month if I am not doing Nano. So to those of you that have done your training, strapped on your writing shoes and are racing towards the finish line, know that I am at the finish line holding an awesome homemade sign that says something along the lines of “don’t look back, there are zombies!” So many people walk away from Nano in a great place in their writing. I am hoping that you are one of them. In the meantime this nut job will be busy on her own manuscript.

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  1. Nano is interesting to do every five years or so. Too hectic on an annual basis. 😉

  2. One nut job to another, passing on nano may be the sainest thing I’ve done this year.


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