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Sexy Monsters

I have the plague…again. Believe it or not I am not normally a person who gets sick easily. In Arizona I would really only get sick once or twice a year as a cold or flu virus evolved. Here in Illinois I have been sick three times in the last six months. My guess would be that the flu and cold viruses are slightly different in the Midwest and therefore my natural immunity is lacking, the cold weather is lowering my immunity, or the fact that the pollen is different  is to blame. These are all random guesses because I am not a scientist, just someone who occasionally self-diagnoses on Web MD with disastrous results.

On to more entertaining topics! I have recently started watching The Walking Dead. I know, I know, I am way behind the times. I am only three episodes in and yet I have to admit I am having a little trouble getting into the series. Probably because my love for everything paranormal is in direct contrast to the fact that I am actually a scaredy pants. Also, I like drama but I need humor  to counteract the tension. This doesn’t mean that I will stop watching this show, it just means I can’t marathon it because my blood pressure won’t allow me to.

I talked to my mother about my thoughts on the walking dead and her response despite not being PC, caught my attention. She said that she preferred her monsters attractive. It seems like it should be an oxymoron to want a monster that’s  also aesthetically appealing but in the day and age of sparkly vampires, sexy demons, and shifters it seems obvious that at least the Paranormal Romance authors and readers agree.  

I guess it makes sense because we as a culture often want to please people that we find attractive. We are drawn to them and want them to approve of us. Also we are more willing to make excuses for people that we don’t believe are capable of being monsters. Given that I am a lot more willing to shoot a zombie in the face than I am to shoot a woman who looks like a supermodel, it gives writers more leeway in their villain’s manipulations. Of course making a monster who is unattractive empathetic is also a challenge, just look at Frankenstein’s monster. Poor Guy.

Funny thing about all this is that different writers will find different characters easier than others. Some writers would rather make a monster hideous and others will find it easier making them attractive. Guess that’s why True Blood and The Walking Dead are both so well received. So do you want your monsters to be attractive? Or do you prefer them to be hideous? Perhaps somewhere in between?



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  1. hideous for me – easier to kill what we find disgusting, yes?
    and you should read The Walking Dead comics – ten times better than the show

  2. I can go either way, depending on their role in the story. Sometimes hideous will work, especially if their personality is attractive, or pretty with a nasty temperament, because who doesn’t want to kill off the pretty one when you know they’re rotten to the core?

  3. I will admit that all the beautiful people, both monsters and heroes are getting on my nerves. It’s bad enough when Hollywood does it, but then they have always relied heavily on appearances. However the number of books I read with gorgeous, chiseled male roles is getting me nauseous. And the all powerful, beautiful, intelligent, funny, females are over the top as well. I know it’s fantasy, but let’s bring it down a notch or ten, hey.


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