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I Carried a Desk Through Snow Uphill Both Ways!

I feel like a professional writer tonight. No, no one has paid me for my work but…I have a desk! It has drawers and there are even books on writing placed on it. Tomorrow I am going to buy more crap to make it even more awesome. I am sure this isn’t a big deal to most but I have been meaning to get a desk for about a year now.

In Arizona I really didn’t have the space, here in Chicago it does make my room a bit cramped but it also gives me a place free from roommates and where the coffee is much cheaper (chai lattes actually) than the four I would consume if I were sitting at the local coffee shop for any reasonable amount of time toiling away at the WIP. I bought a vintage Steelcase blue tufted office chair months ago with the intention of buying a desk. Sadly the logistics aren’t as easy when you live sans vehicle in a snow covered city.

So let me tell ya’ll about the great desk adventure. I had been meaning to buy a desk from Ikea for a while as I enjoy their merging of desk and bookshelf in their Expedit collection. Unfortunately they are far enough away that using my car share would have been necessary. Renting a car to pick up a desk makes a reasonably priced desk a lot less reasonably priced.

So Sunday I got off the bus on my way home from work, a little high on Dayquil, and a lot exhausted from sleep deprivation, when I passed my neighborhood thrift store. There, in the front window was exactly what I wanted. I had checked out this thrift store before and to be honest all they had was junk when it came to desks. I don’t mind junk if it’s reasonably priced because it’s still better than nothing at all, but I am loathe to pay $40-50 on something I would be too embarrassed to ask money for myself.

The beauty I found on Sunday was not junk. It was a gorgeous L shaped vintage beauty in pretty awesome condition. That and at $70 it was a total bargain. There was only one problem, being that it was vintage, that also meant it was heavy as hell, if hell could be measured by weight. I called my brother and made him stop by the thrift store and see if there was any way we could get it home if I rented a truck and a dolly from Uhaul.

D.J. was much more ambitious than I because he suggested just renting the dolly. I got his point. The desk was only a block from our house and the sheer feat of lifting the desk in and out of a truck, never mind maneuvering a truck on our tiny car lined street would be more difficult than simply walking the desk home. So, today at 11a.m. (an ungodly hour to us) we were the two idiots walking a desk around Uptown.

Mind you this is not a common occurrence in Chicago but it is also not unheard of given that there is a great public transport system and therefore many people don’t have cars. I didn’t mind looking a bit stupid because I knew that was the easy part, even if we were rolling the sucker through snow. The hard part came when it was just me and my brother pushing this wood and steel monstrosity up two flights of stairs.

We were supposed to have help, but I will assume our friend had too much to drink at an Oscar party and couldn’t rally. So with a lot of huffing and puffing, one skinned/bruised knuckle, and a mildly crushed leg we got the desk up the stairs. Mind you it took two trips being that it was an L shaped desk but in the end it was all worth it because again I feel fancy. Just goes to show that looking like an idiot and some heavy lifting can end in glory, that and Thai food because what better thank you can one ask for than food? I certainly can’t think of one. 

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  1. HUZZAH! You finally have an officially in-home writing nook! And a great story…truly, you are a writer.


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