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When You’re Stuck in the Mud…

After several months, I am finally settling into the swamp with the evil dwarves. They have been as welcoming as evil dwarves can be, and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

One of the recent challenges I have experienced here in the swamp is being stuck. I started a new urban fantasy last November, and as I neared the end I found myself waist-high in sludgy muck not sure where to go. I knew my character needed to get from point A to point C, but had no clue where B fled to.

I stared at my screen for some time, played too many games of solitaire, and then finally admitted I had a problem. That’s the first step right?

As the week progressed I continued writing, skipping the needed scene, but I could only go so far. Then I took the advice of James Scott Bell from his book, Conflict and Suspense. I wrote a list of ten possible scenes, some horrendous, some feasible. The point being just to brainstorm and get the ideas on paper. It still took another day or two for the perfect scene to hit me as I was driving down the road.

This wasn’t a major point in my novel but essential in building momentum. And this one scene took me over a week to write. After much mud flinging, I did a small happy dance when I finished it.

What do you do when you find yourself stuck in the writing process? Push through with caffeine nearby following Stephen King’s advice to write every day, or mull the problem over slowly waiting for the perfect answer? Either way, my vote is that chocolate should be involved.

Happy Writing,
Kinetic Dwarf

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  1. Kinetic is stuck? NO, that can’t be possible…
    Most of us when we write, get bogged down. Some of us (no sharing names) will use a dart board with various general options, some will use detailed, GPS maps to figure out what happens next, and some will just struggle through until the suddenly realize the mud is gone, and whoa…there’s solid land underfoot!

  2. I certainly get stuck a lot. Hence why I have decided to become a plotter. Besides plotting someone’s demise sounds better than pansting someone’s demise. I only said that because I am jealous of pansters and want to be one. If you want a little distraction from the WIP the new Patricia Briggs novel is out. I really loved it and I think you will like it better than the last one.


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