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Finding my Story with my Fists

I recently had the opportunity to attend a self-defense class from some experienced law enforcement officers. I have taken a couple classes previously, but this one focused on how to defend and attack using a knife. The mom in me struck and attacked like a mama bear learning how to defend her young. While the writer in me cheered in anticipation of adding more kick a*# fight scenes to my current WIP.

Self Defense Class

My sister-in-law kicking him where it counts.

One of my instructors had an extensive history in the martial arts for over 20 years, including training in Kenpo, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Jeet Kune Do and Israeli Martial arts. He was also currently a SWAT team member. The stories he related from actual incidences helped me dismiss some of the myths we often see in fiction.

One myth I had in particular was about stealing a knife. I have often read or watched where the hero steals the knife and uses it against the attacker. In real life, it is never that easy. The police, SWAT, and basic armed forces do not train in taking a knife from an attacker. The weapon can move to quick and is not worth the effort. It is better to take down the attacker in other ways while protecting vital areas. It was a great class to learn the best defense against a knife, the best method in striking, and the time it takes for someone to go down from certain wounds.

I encourage writers to get out and get moving: ride a horse, let an arrow fly, or watch a sunset. You may just learn something.

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