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Feeding Your Muse

I love to write. I don’t know why anyone would pick this profession for any other reason. A month ago though, the dark monsters of the swamp came out to haunt me. You know the ones with those killer claws: stress, anxiety, and insecurity to name a few. And with writing content articles and editing my current novel, writing had morphed into some twisted self-deprecating job.

I needed a break. I needed to close my computer for a few days and feed my muse.

It was difficult at first to shut down the nagging voices telling me to be productive. But I closed my laptop, packed my bags, and escaped to the country.

I went for walks. Got caught in the rain. Read for enjoyment. Mother Nature calmed my soul and left my imagination free to play.Cabin sunrise

Not everyone is not able to run away, but we still need to make time for ourselves and, as Elizabeth Gilbert referred to it, Our Elusive Creative Genius. In this TED talks, she explained that when we see our muse, or creative genius, as something outside of us, then it is easier to maintain our sanity. It is worth the time to watch.

I enjoy thinking of my muse as a separate identity or creative genius. One we must feed and nurture in the hope that it’s won’t torment us.

How do you feed your muse?

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  1. butterfly

     /  July 14, 2014

    In Jessie Mason’s blog entry I was moved by the imagery both in our perceived necessities of life, even if they our passions, and the compassion we should give ourselves to escape when needed.

    The dark monsters we all live with when the world gets heavy and oppressive certainly warrants taking a break. It is recognizing them when they appear that is the key, the gift we give ourselves to enter into to a peaceful moment, place, or other reality to fill our soul.

    Ms. Mason’s muse is nature while mine is ironically reading a great author’s creative world they create; although my peace comes from yoga.

    I have had the honor and pleasure of losing myself in Ms. Mason’s wonderful journey into her character’s hopes, dreams, fears and victories.

    These imageries, like the ones detailed briefly above, keep me reading for hours on end, absorbing and digesting all I can; only to be sad at the journey’s conclusion. Although we all know I should probably get back to the necessities of life nagging at my brain.

  2. Mine is very temperamental with lots of edges. She gets moody if we don’t give her time off to “rejuvenate”. Taking a break is a wonderful way to recharge.


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