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The Story is Key

The actor Kevin Spacey spoke at a marketing convention in Cleveland recently. And even if people wondered why he was there, they still showed up. Heck, it’s Kevin Spacey. Reading over his address is made me realize that whatever medium you create in, whether it be acting, storytelling, marketing, song writing, or comic books, there are some truths that are universal.

“It begins with knowing what story you want to tell,” he said. “Everything else will follow.” He went on to discuss the importance of conflict and authenticity in storytelling.

This was also reiterated to me today as I was chatting with a friend about Marie Force, a successful self-published author. Marie reminded us that while, self promoting, facebook, twitter, and webpages are essential to surviving the indie-industry, “the book is king.”

And while we all get caught up on ratings, sells, and hits on a blog, it is nice to remember why we do this. “That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse.” Walt Whitman

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  1. I love this post. Thanks for the reminder!


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