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Why I Chose First-Person Point of View

A few people have told me that first-person point of view is not as popular in novels. I think they may be right, but that didn’t stop me from writing my current series in this POV.

One of the reasons I chose this is to challenge myself. Writing in first person is not always easy. You have to really pay close attention to how often you use “I,” as well as, how much you use phrases like “I heard,” “I saw,” etc. What’s more, you’re limited to only what your character knows and sees to explain your whole world and the other characters.

Other than challenging myself, one of the other reasons I wanted to write in this POV was to get “closer” to my character.

For example:

Third-Person POV: Shera bit down on her tongue, tasting a coppery-burst of blood.

First-Person POV: A coppery-burst of blood filled my mouth as my teeth sliced into my tongue.

I like forcing myself to remove that separation between the character and author, because it also removes that separation between the character and reader. I know it’s possible to do this through third-person POV as well, but this was even more difficult for me.

Also, because I am writing a YA fantasy novel, I thought my readers would really enjoy jumping into my heroine’s mind. I know first-person POV can sometimes be a bit jolting, if you are not used to it, but I am hoping my readers will give my novel a chance.

What is your opinion? Do you enjoy reading or writing first-person POV? Do you still think it is an unpopular way to writer?

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