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Delve into your Dark Side

All Hallows Eve is quickly approaching. Demon children will be scattered in the streets demanding to be fed. Jack-o-lanterns, representing the souls of the deceased, are screaming to be cut and burned from the inside. As you’re feeding miniature devils the marrow of life (aka chocolate), don’t forget to set aside some time to feed your own demons. Delve into your dark side to create a truly horrific tale of zombies and vampires that will haunt us all the way to Thanksgiving. Below are some ghosts captured in photos to inspire you. You can decide whether they are real or not. But I must warn you, look to hard and they may never leave.

It was November, 1905. Shropshire, England. A fire raged out of control burning Wem Town Hall to the ground. During the fire, onlooker Tony O’Rahil, captured these photos. No people or firefighters recalled seeing a girl at the scene.

This was taken in a small abandoned cemetery, Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery in the Chicago area. The Ghost Research Society took this picture in 1991. There was no woman present when they took the photo.

Michael Meehan and James Courtney were killed on board the SS Watertown in 1927. In route between Panama and New York, the men were buried at sea. Days later, the men were recognized. Their faces sticking up out of the water. The captain took these pictures.


This picture was taken in Manilla in 2000. This was a digital camera so no chance of double exposure. Neither of the girls reported any person being nearby. Or at least any living person nearby.

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