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The Driving Force of WHO

As I am currently flushing out a minor character, who now is taking a major role in my story, I’m realizing the importance of character. When I pick up a novel, I relish the unique voice of a character. It is those characters that I choose to stay with for the next several hours. My favorite novels are character driven. There are three major items I focus on when evaluating my characters.

Do I know my character?

There are a million character sheets that will make sure we know our character’s eye color, third grade teacher’s name, and what is currently in their pockets. While those things may be of importance, I have to go a step further. I ask myself: what would it be like to sit down and have a conversation with this character? I often journal from that character’s POV, even if I don’t write in their POV in the story. This is going beyond a police sketch of your character and finding their unique voice.

Am I showing my character?

This is a hard one for me. As I currently edit, I constantly ask myself if my character is coming through with emotions, actions, and dialogue. And my critique group’s favorite word for me is MORE. But I believe that “more” has to come through showing a character’s emotional response, not telling us.

Character Arc 

As I am editing a completed novel, I look back on the path my main character(s) has made to make sure there is substantial growth. I want my character to be changed dramatically by the end of my novel. And this isn’t a character step, where in one second their lifelong phobia or hatred is changed. It is an Arc. Where we all slowly partake and understand how this character is changing.


I love characters. I may forget the exact plot of the Jason Bourne series, but I will always remember his desperation to find himself, his repulsion at discovering who he was, and who is ultimately became. Characters drive a story, and keep me flipping my pages.

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  1. I loved reading this post. The struggle to really KNOW our characters is an every day battle for me. 🙂


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