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It Takes a Village to Raise a Novel, and Add Some Evil Dwarves for Spice.

This weekend I attended the Desert Rose RWA writers’ workshop for the second time. I connected with old friends and created some possible new ones. I drank up all the advice—and collected the free swag— from experienced and successful authors in the business. On my drive back, one notion hit home with me: that as isolated as writing may be, a book is not a lone effort. We have beta readers, critique groups, agents, editors, cover artists, and publishers.

I pulled up The Catching Fire series to prove my point. On her acknowledgement page, Suzanne Collins lists:

Three editors

Five writing friends

Four agents/artists

Eighteen people from Scholastic Publishing


Nothing can replace the solitary effort of sitting your butt in front of the keyboard and writing. But it is amazing for me to see the collaborative effort and friendships that grow as we trudge through our novels. So whether you have evil dwarves or a patient friend, make sure you thank your pit crew. I know I’d be lost without mine.

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