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Tying Up Loose Ends

As I’m doing (hopefully my final) edits on my current book, I’m noticing that one of my major issues is that I’ve left some loose ends. I’ve been so focused on the entire series, I think I forgot how frustrating it is to be a reader, and have the author leave too many unanswered questions.

But I think the worst part is that I honestly thought I had answered the questions! When I am too close to a book, I sometimes have trouble figuring out what actually got onto the paper, versus, what’s just in my head.

One example:
My main character has a lot of questions about her family history. As she progresses through the book, she learns a lot of things, but not enough. A couple of my readers were frustrated at the build up, and then the let down.

This feedback left me discouraged. “But I explained it all right… well… it’s here somewhere.” But it wasn’t. I didn’t plan on giving everything away, however, I certainly don’t want my readers feeling like I gypped them.

So then, there is the matter of fixing it. I thought, perhaps, it would be a complicated mess. That maybe as I tried to incorporate this information, it’d be like pulling on a loose thread and watching it all unravel. But so far, it has gone better than expected. By adding to a couple of conversations, and weaving a little information in, I think I’ve fixed the problem.

But editing is a tireless job. There is always more to do.

Sometimes I think if I just mapped things out in excruciating detail, I wouldn’t have to spend so much time editing. However, I also think there wouldn’t be much fun in writing a book when all the “magic” is gone.

How do you write? Do you just write and worry about the editing later? Or do plot it and sail through your editing?

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