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Building the Story: Pt. 01

Now that we’ve gotten some brainstorming done, it’s time to start working on the actual story. For the last couple weeks I’ve been working on additional brainstorming and I think I’ve come up with some pretty interesting ideas.

For the next three weeks I want to nail down the three main things: Character, Setting, and Plot.

This week, I want to spend some time looking at all our characters; Main, Antagonist, and Secondary.

First let’s look at Mains. For this story that would be Peter and Celeste:

Peter: 20 years old

Motivations: Peter is motivated by a sense of honor. He feels that because he was able to see Angels before they left that he’s somehow special and should carry on with their work as best he can. He has studied scriptures and feels he’s a Nephilim, the only one in the world.

Additional Notes: Peter was 15 when the Angels all left. He was standing on a subway platform when they all evanesced into mist. Since then he’s been hearing the angels screaming in his mind and they are there in his vision just out of sight, but always there, haunting him.

Peter at his core is a good kid. He wants to help people. He has since taken on a persona of a Black Angel. Kind of like Batman from the comics he read as a kid (no longer produced). He’s a vigilante who deals out street justice to try to bring down crime in his city.

Celeste: 9 years old

Motivations: Celeste feels she’s special because of the Angels. Calls them her protectors. She’s always seem them her entire life, never knew anything different. She’s young, so she just mostly wants to help out the group that she lives with. This will all change when she meets Peter for the first time.

Additional Notes: Was only four when the Angels left the earth. Since then she’s always seen them, just out of her vision, but they are calm. They make no noise. She has no memories of her life before the angels left.

Celeste lives with Lady Katherine. She goes out with the other bigger kids to help steal and forage for food for their small gang. Celeste is a natural, having grown up on the depraved streets of New Harlem, plus her natural tendencies as a Nephilim giving her extra powers makes her an excellent thief.


Secondly, our Antagonist, Bael.

Bael: Unknown Age

Motivations: He wants to rule Earth.

Additional Notes: One of the demons of the underworld who has been looking for a way to stay in in the mortal realm in his own body. Up till now hasn’t been able to do it but he figure out a way to banish all the angels while allowing himself to come into this world and stay.

He’s currently working on getting more of his demon army to come to the mortal realm, but there is a restriction they have to deal with with mortal bodies that makes it go slow, though through births possibly they could have an exponential growth over time? It’s why it will be key to stop it before it goes too long.


Finally, our secondary characters:

Father Gary: Early 60’s

Motivations: He’s CRAZY! Poor man has lost his mind since the fall and spouts scriptures.

Additional Notes: 50’s ish. Ex bishop of a Catholic Parrish. Wanders around New Harlem with his ratty-ass-bible quoting scriptures. He’s totally crazy as far as everyone around him is concerned.

Lady Katharine: Late 40’s

Motivations: Katharine just wants to help people. She feels like she missed the rapture when all the angels left and is abandoned here on the earth. She wants to feel right with God but thinks her sins have doomed her to a life here on this hell-earth. She tries to help as many people as she can to atone for her sins.

Additional Notes: Lady Katharine used to be a nun before the Evancesance. She now takes care of kids/runs a small gang to help these kids have some kind of normal life.

There we have it! Next week we will dive into the Setting! Let me know anything you like!

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