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Boat and Sunset

Ten years is a long time for a critique group to last, but somehow, this one survived that long. That means, ten years of a group of writers regularly meeting to critique and discuss writing in every capacity. All of us have learned and grown so much during our time together, but it is with sadness that we announce The 7 Evil Dwarves will be breaking up.

That doesn’t, however, mean that any of us will stop writing. We are writers. It’s just what we do. But, this site will disappear soon. We just wanted to thank all of you for loyally coming along with us during our journey. We’ve loved every minute of reaching out and connecting with all of you.

We also wanted to give our many followers the opportunity to explore our personal sites and keep up with us. So, here is a list of our sites and blogs, we hope to see you there:

(alphabetically listed)

DeAnna Browne- http://www.DeAnnaBrowne.com

Tom Hansen- http://scarhoof.com.  twitter- http://twitter.com/scarhoofwrites

Aeon Igni- http://aeonigni.com/

Lisa Morrow- http://www.lisamorrowbooks.wordpress.com/

Tara Rane-  http://tararane.com

With a special shout out to our founding members:

Amber Kallyn- www.AmberKallyn.com (Queen of the Swamp)

Jami Gray- www.jamigray.com

Dave Bennemen- http://www.davebenneman.com

Jim Williams- http://campchef.wordpress.com/

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