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Book Covers and Blurbs with that Extra Something

Creating a cover is such an emotional process. “They” say the two things that help to sell your book the most are the cover and the blurb. It’s heart-wrenching to create a book that makes you sing with pride, but worry that no one will ever read your story if the cover and blurb aren’t good enough.

Luckily, I have a friend who has some computer magic and was excited to use it on my book cover. It was awesome to sit down together and come up with an idea of what I wanted it to look like, but then to actually have him create it. Because the truth is, I have some skills, but creating an amazing cover is not one of them.

I also luckily have an amazing group of writers, the 7 Evil Dwarves, who were willing to look at my blurb and help give it that extra something. Most people have no idea how hard it is for a writer to try to sum up their book in just a few paragraphs, but trust me, it’s painful. A special thanks to Jami Gray who sprinkled some writer-magic on it.

After several drafts, and countless hours spent constructing my vision, here is the cover to my first young adult fantasy novel, along with the blurb:

Book- Without Back Cover- 1500Pixels

When eighteen-year-old Rose is chosen to join a mysterious order of women known as The Protectors, she hopes to escape a forced marriage and a miserable life. Instead, she unveils the dark secrecy surrounding The Protectors, and uncovers the horrific truth behind their power source. With her loyalty in tatters and her best friend’s life held hostage, she must learn to unlock the powerful magic slumbering deep inside her.

But time is running out.

The Undead Wizards, a dangerous enemy, have re-emerged from the Underworld, plunging The Protectors and the kingdom into a brutal war. Unfortunately, The Fates decree that Rose is the answer to the war may cost her more than she ever imagined. To win, she must decide whether to join them and betray the man she loves, or risk the annihilation of all she holds dear.

What are some of your favorite blurbs or covers?

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Books by Lisa Morrow: Lisa Morrow Author Page

Cover Reveal: “Bring On the Heat” 10 Book Boxed-Set #EroticRomance ~ Coming Soon!


A scorching collection from ten of today’s hottest authors.

Isn’t he gorgeous? I could just sink my teeth into him 🙂

Surprise! I’ve been working on a secret project with some AWESOME! authors. Coming this January, we’re releasing a 10 book bundle of erotic paranormal romance.

So here’s the deets

Title: Bring On the Heat

Genre: Erotic romance

Length: Approx 263k words

Release date: January 6, 2014

The anthology includes stories from the awesomesauce authors:

Eden Bradley

Cassandra Carr

Stephanie Julian

Amber Kallyn (Burned, Dragos Book #1)

Keira Kohl

Adriana Kraft

Emma Lai

Anh Leod

Ann Mayburn

Cari Quinn

For more information and to meet all the authors, visit us on FaceBook : )

FB page: https://www.facebook.com/BringOnTheHeat

Coming soon! We’re going to have some awesome giveaways, so stay in touch. Also, Interested in getting the ebook for FREE?

Make sure you’re signed up for my newsletter, because I’ll be sending out a call for people interested in reading the bundle and, after we release it in January, giving an Honest review on Amazon and Barnes & Noble (and anywhere else you want)!

Tattoos, bare midriffs, and leather AKA Fantasy Cover Art

Not only am I writer, but I’m a reader and I, too, have a tendancy to cyber stalk a few of my favorite authors.  Okay, maybe stalk is a little creepy, but I’ll check out blogs, tweets and Facebook posts.  It’s a great way to discover new voices and interesting opinions.  So one day I was out on one of my newest stalkee’s sites and he had a link to Jim C. Hines’s blog on cover art for Urban Fantasy.  Of course, I had to check it out and now I have to share it with you: Striking a Pose (Woman and Fantasy Covers).

 I LOVED IT!  So much so, now I’m a regular visitor to Mr. Hines’s blog.  I have great respect for Mr. Hines and his posts.  Besides the bravery factor in that post alone, he deserves a medal.  Seriously, I don’t even think with years of yoga I could pull off some of those poses!  He’s shared information you generally have to shed blood for, like how much can a writer realistically expect to make doing what they love, and how Amazon’s pricing impacts the self pubbed writer. 

Since I’m currently considering the art for my second urban fantasy, Shadow’s Soul, Mr. Hines’s observations mirror a lot of mine.  Take the cover for Shadow’s Edge. I submitted it a cover art review blog where peeps are welcome to leave their honest feedback. At the time of this post, I’ve only gotten three comments (so feel free to add your own).  As a writer, I did this not so I could hear the gushiness of “I just love it”  but because I knew I could trust this site to give me serious reactions on the cover.  Now the comments on color for typefacing, I can understand and I’m changing for Shadow’s Soul.  I’m thinking along the lines of reds, oranges and blues as a starting point this time around.  Maybe lighten the overall image.  The third comment discussed Raine’s clothing or lack thereof, and really, I get it.  I’m not so sure I’d want to fight someone with that much bare skin, but like many writers, I’m learning as I go. 

Then there’s the issue of cover models.  For Shadow’s Soul, I’m really hoping to do a male and a female on the cover. Here’s the challenge I’m running into with that concept.  I need a man with a shirt.  I have nothing against six or eight packs, I have a pulse and can appreciate some seriously drool worthy examples of testosterone.  However, since I do have male readers, I’m trying to keep in mind that when they’re out reading in public they may not want to flash all that male flesh.  Granted, if it was female they might be okay, but still…

It’s hard to find that thin line between urban fantasy and romance, especially when your story has romantic elements.  I’m lucky enough to work with a great cover artist, so here’s hoping we can figure out a really, wickedly cool solution!



The Joys and Agony of Cover Art

I thought I’d share my first experience in the world of book cover art. Now, to be fair, my publisher would do my cover art for Shadow’s Edge because that’s what publishers do for their authors. But, I know for me, the cover is one of the first things that draws me to a book. With that thought in mind, I really wanted my first cover to do the same. Here’s the thing with Urban Fantasy cover art.

We’ve all seen it, the standard book cover, a very sexy woman holding the weapon of your choice–sword, dagger, gun, knitting needles–with her back to you while nifty cool tattoos either trail down-pick a body part: arm, leg, face, shoulder, back, butt- and you can’t see her face. I get that image, really I do. Here, I’ll prove it to you.

I worked with the wonderfully awesome and, more importantly, patient, Kim Killion from HotDamn Designs. I had it narrowed down to two images, one with a dark haired woman, where it was cropped from just above her shoulders to the top of her thighs. She even had a dagger (not quite the style Raine prefers, but it had an edge so…) and the second image where the woman was facing towards the reader, nicely clean and wicked dagger in hand and the “I will hurt you and you’ll like it” look on her face that I think Raine tends to go to in most situations. Since both designs hit things I really liked, I had to ask my cronies (read, family, friends and the 7ED’s) and put it to a vote. As much as I love these groups, they did not help. Oh no, it was about 50/50 on the votes. Funny enough the guys in the groups tended toward the butt cover, and the woman were split. So I left it up the final decider–my editor. And viola~ we went with the second one. We’re still tweaking a few things, but I’m hoping to put up the final here and at www.jamigray.com very soon.

As a newbie author, I had to turn the wonderful group at Savvy Authors, who gave me some really fantastic names of cover artists. I have to say, there are no words to fully explain how valuable groups like Savvy Authors, or my truly outstanding critique group, 7 Evil Dwarves, become your best fans and your greatest source of information.

So what did I learn through all of this back and forth and hemming and hawing over colors and images and designs?

That I’m so glad there are people like Kim Killion out there who understand that writers are really quite decisive people in general, it’s just that they need someone who has a little patience and knows the right questions to ask to bring these people who live in our heads to brilliant life.

So here’s to the quiet heroes of the writing world–cover artists!



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