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Here I sit, recovering from the all-nighter watching the Royal Wedding.

Why in the world would I do that? Is it really in Smokey Dwarf’s character to watch weddings?

Not in the normal course of things. The Royal Wedding, however, provided an amazing opportunity to research tidbits sure to be useful in future tales of epic fantasy set in a medieval time zone.

The church service for the royal couple alone provided much insight into the difference between the commoner and the king. The language used and the points made by the Arch Bishop certainly would not have been heard at one of our weddings.

Also of interest for future tales, besides the food, were how some of the costumes were designed and made—especially the uniforms of the groom and his best man.

The church itself provided many ideas for future settings.

So what am I getting at this week? Simply that research opportunities exist everywhere. It’s not always necessary to bury yourself in the dusty archives of the local castle or google yourself into a frenzy. Keep an eye on current events and your favorite news station.


PS–That’s my story and I’m so sticking to it… 😉

It was just last Saturday, during the dwarves’ monthly write-in, that the thermometer pegged at a sunny 95 degrees. With the cooler and fan on the patio, we survived the heat. Today, as I write, it’s raining and the temperature is 44 degrees. Some years, Arizona spring can be an adventure.

The downside is—I missed my weekly trip to the Gilbert farmers market. It will be a week of surviving on supermarket tomatoes and less than fresh eggs.

A positive milestone for the week was my first batch of pizzas made on my new pizza stone. They turned out great and will feature on our write-in for May. Everyone gets to design their own pizza!

So why talk about food and the 7 Evil Dwarves write-in? In point of fact, it is extremely rare that we actually write anything during our monthly get together. It’s our monthly social, which sometimes includes our spouses, kids and grandkids. Probably the only constants are my cooking and Ernie’s desserts.

Instead, we get together to brain-storm story ideas, workout plot points for various stories, and work on each other’s flagging muses. Occasionally, we even pick a topic ahead of time. It’s our creative support group. In several ways, it is even more important than our critique sessions every two weeks. As writers, we sometimes get to feeling isolated and the group helps by bringing us back into a community of actual people. (Apart from Ernie’s swamp friends, of course)

What would Smokey do if…

Dwarves Interview

1. When did the writing bug first bite you?


2. Friends and family aside, what are the five things you cannot live without?

                Coffee, tobacco, books, the internet, the first Saturday of each month.

3. Every Dwarf has a special name. What is the story behind yours?

                It may have something to do with my cigars and pipes, but who knows?

4. What movie can you watch 1,000 times and never get sick of? Why?

                None, but Christmas Story comes the closest.

5. What’s your favorite thing about writing?

                Starting with nothing and discovering a story.

6. If you could be any character in fiction, whom would you be?


7. If you could be a superhero, what would you want your superpowers to be?

                The ability to drink gallons of coffee without having to pee.

8. What is your favorite color?

                Thalo green.

9. What is your favorite drink?


10. Why are manhole covers round?

                So they can’t fall into the hole.

Meet the Dwarves – Smokey

Ah, Saturdays. How I love them. And to top it off, the first (usually) Saturday of every month, our gang heads over to Smokey’s for an afternoon of great company and delicious food. As Smokey says, he is our cook.

And man, can the man cook.

Introducing Smokey Dwarf, best darn cook in the west.

J.R. Williams is somewhat older than Gandor, but taller than Frodo and has decided to partially come back from the dark-side. 

In prior lives, he has been an intelligence analyst and software engineer but now focuses on corrupting the youth of the world through young adult fantasy.  He hones his techniques daily on his mostly-willing five grandkids.  They almost believe his tales of sailing the seven seas, fighting pirates, and slaying vampires and other beasts.

He is known by his fellow seven dwarves as a pipe smoking, fact checking, grammar and word Grinch.  He is also the group cook.

Find Me:

Blog: http://campchef.wordpress.com/

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