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The remedy for getting back into it

                 So imagine you’re writing, and you’ve been writing for a few months now and everything is going smoothly. And then bam, something happens in your personal life and disrupts your mojo. No it doesn’t have to be a death in the family or you suddenly find out you have cancer or your dog has a kidney infection and you have to make that vital decision to either treat it or let him die (because he’s old anyway). It can be something as simple as getting too busy with college (me!). The point is, your creative process is disrupted, and it can be hard getting back into it.

                For example, I’m 88 pages deep into a story and doin pretty well when all of a sudden two huge projects are due next Sunday. Guess what gets priority.

                So I get a week off from writing and guess what happens. Bam, I get new story ideas. And you know how it is, if you don’t that’s cool too, but if you do, even better. You get a certain idea in your head and you just have to write it down or nothing else in your other story will flow well because your head is in another place. You’ve had this feeling too right? It’s your creative urge just bursting at the seams because you haven’t released it for a whole week!

                I spoke of remedies, which is why you’re probably still reading this.

                And it’s simple too.

                I’ve found great refuge in the short story. Have an awesome idea? Don’t make it a long story (you probably haven’t had time to mature it anyway), make it a short one! I did a 20 page short story and got ALL of those creative juices out and went right back into my main work. It’s like squeezing an orange, except I both drank the juice and ate the insides!

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  1. I do know how that is. And I think you nailed it good job.


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