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Welcome Dreamer Dwarf, our newest evil minion

Please welcome our newest member, Lisa -AKA- Dreamer Dwarf. Since we want to keep our name at the 7 evil dwarves, Lisa has kindly agreed to be drawf 7 1/2 : )

She will be blogging here on the second and fourth Mondays from now on, so stop on by.

Lisa Morrow A.KA. Dreamer Dwarf

About My Writing…

A short time ago, I was watching a little girl lead her friends around a park as they ran from the imaginary volcano threatening their very lives.  The leader of the group painted a picture for her friends that transformed an ordinary day into something extraordinary, and I couldn’t hide the smile their adventure brought to my face.  Because no matter how many years have past, my imagination has remained by my side, making each day extraordinary.

For a long time, I used my imagination to weave stories for my family and friends, but no story or character held my attention for long.  And then, between courses on early childhood development and adolescent literature, an idea for a character and a world began to unfold.

At last, I carved out time to put my ideas to paper, obsessing as the world in my mind unfolded, weaving words and phrase together until magic spells and horrifying creatures felt real enough to touch.

This story, unlike all others, not only held my attention but consumed it.  College ended, teaching began, and still my characters and story were a constant presence in my life, growing and changing with my own view on the world.  Now, my first book is nearly finished, and I’m eager to complete my editing and revising process.  Then, my next adventure will begin as I explore the world of query letters, agents, and publishers.

About Me…

I am a junior high school English teacher, a wife, a mother and a life-long writer whose love of travel is evident in my writing. As a middle child in a very busy family, I carved out my own niche by entertaining my family and friends with stories about fantastic places and people in worlds I imagined by observing the wonder and magic of my own world. Later, while studying and traveling inEurope, I realized that the beauty and mystery of my own planet was a perfect backdrop upon which to write fantastic stories about faraway worlds. As a writer of fantasy adolescent literature, I write for my students and for others who want to experience the wonder of life, adventure, and excitement in the realm of fantasy.

Where to Find Me…

Website: http://www.lisamorrowbooks.com/

Twitter: @LisaMorrowBooks

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003385210975

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