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Time to go shopping…

I hate shopping.

A fact my hubby is truly grateful for, most times.

When I have to go out and enter the consumer world, I have a pre-laid plan. I know exactly what I’m getting, where I’m going, and how much it will cost.  I do not want to troop from store to store. I want to get in and get out, as quickly as possible.  The thought of having to brave the masses while fighting for acknowledgement by overworked twenty somethings just to give up my hard-earned money, just doesn’t do it for me.  I realize a great many of my friends thrive on this challenge, but not me.

So why the rant on shopping?  Because my very bright and astute husband has heard my murmurings (sometimes quite loud) of how lugging around my currently lap top (17 glorious inches weighing about 500 pounds) is turning me into the Hunchback of Notre Dame.  Being the loving and supportive man he is, he’s been out on the hunt for something lighter and smaller for me.

This weekend, he found it.  The 13 inch Macbook Air.  Now I’ve always had Dell or HP as my running partner, but you know I’ve been looking at this Mac and I’m strangely seduced.  Now, five of my evil dwarves are going to burn me at the stake, but I have to go with Eerie on this one.  The Mac may not be such a bad idea guys.  This thing is so light I could use it as a frisbee. Plus they have this nifty program that turns your list of books into a cool looking virtual library.  Sexy, very sexy.

When I laid out my conditions to my better half, he was able to find an answer to all of them. Yep, Mac has Word.  Yep, it will hold your music and your writing.  Yep, it won’t break your arms when you’re carrying it.  Yep, it can mainly belong to you.  So that being said, we were off to the Apple Store.

We made it through the doors, and my oldest peeled off, lured to the iPad like one of the Pied Piper’s kids, youngest right behind him muttering something about Zombiefarm.  Hubby and I stood there waiting for our turn to check out this little laptop.  For me it was easy, could I type comfortably? Was it light enough? Do they have a cool bag for it?  For my husband, there were things like 2 gig versus 4 gig, something about HDMI cables, and memory and stable state drives.

Whatever, I just wanted to know–2 gig or 4?  It was the only answer I needed because 2 meant we bought it in the store, 4 meant we were shopping online.   The discussion wasn’t very long:

Me–“So which one?”

Him–“Well, you know I’d rather have more than less.”

Me–“So 4 then?”

Him–“I think so.”

Me–“Great, lets grab the kiddos and get home. You can order it online.”

Him–a long pause and a pain filled wince.

Me–exasperated, “What?”

Him–this look he’s given many times before in our marriage.

Me–sigh, “Okay, fine. Do your review research and ask your questions.  Then can we order it?”

Him–a beautiful smile and a nod.

Me–“Great. Can we go home now?”

See, I really hate shopping.


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